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Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Just the facts

Dominic01 resizedMarch 17, 2010 was a joyous day and also one of the most devastating for me. My youngest daughter Julia was making her confirmation, a very important and proud day for those of the Catholic faith. In the midst of our celebration that day I received a phone call from my sister informing me that she had lost her “baby,” her eldest son Dominic. Dominic was a handsome young man of 18 in the prime of his life. He was a senior in high school getting ready for graduation. He had just gotten his acceptance letter to Penn State which he would start in the fall. He also was an aspiring and very talented musician who played in an adult rock band. All this came to an abrupt halt when he took his life. Only God and Dominic know why he felt he needed to leave this world so soon. Dominic was not only my nephew, but also my Godson and we loved him dearly. His death has affected my family’s lives so deeply. I felt I had to do something…what do you do with your grief, your anger, your frustration, your heartache? I decided to try to put a run/walk together to benefit suicide awareness/prevention focusing on teenagers to bring this disease to the forefront of our society.

dominic02 resizSuicide is seen as shameful and embarrassing, but what is not realized is that it is a disease. I know that if Dominic was in his right frame of mind he would not have done what he did, I fully believe this is true with all those suffering from this horrible disease. Last year we raised $6,000. We had 175 runners and we are looking to double the number this year. We had such great feedback from the runners last year stating they loved the route and look forward to this year’s race. This year our main beneficiary is the Florida Methodist Children's Home which has programs and substance abuse programs to help their children cope.

d12We continue to work with with Daytona State College and two programs they have in place Project Speak and Active Minds. We will also be working with programs through Seminole State College as well. We are also looking to work with the Florida Suicide Coalition.

We at Run 4 Life believe that mental and physical health go hand and hand. We hope that you will come and join us for a beautiful 4 mile race. You can also make a donation on this website.

Alma Ortiz
Race Director, Run 4 Life

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